Nice to see cheap point scoring avoided

The Dom Post reported:

Commissioner has a chauffeur as the force slashes its vehicle fleet and considers selling stations and houses to cut costs.

Police are defending the driving position, despite claims that some community constables have lost their cars to help shave $21 million off the police budget. Police are selling up to 340 vehicles and are considering selling stations or housing to help make budget savings.

Police National Headquarters said a “logistics and project officer”, who is a sergeant, acted as a driver for Mr Broad, but said he also had other duties. These included organising security and providing support to Mr Broad while he was on the road.

I think the story is a bit of a beat-up, but often people will use it to score points. But look at this. First the Minister:

Police Minister backed the role. “He has got to be available to take urgent phone calls of a critical nature at a moment’s notice.”

Then the union:

Police Association president Greg O’Connor said he believed the driving job was “an absolutely essential role”. He agreed that some officers would question it continuing while cars were being cut from the fleet, but said it was a completely separate issue because Mr Broad would have a car regardless.

And then the Opposition:

Labour law and order spokesman said the role was justified. “[The commissioner] is on deck 24 hours, seven days a week and he is running a department of in excess of 10,000 people.”

Well done Clayton Cosgrove. Being in opposition doesn’t mean having to criticise everything.

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