Helping terrorism?

meant to cover earlier, and Murray McCully’s newsletter is a good reminder:

Revelations week that NZAid has provided $121,500 of taxpayers’ tsunami relief cash for the Tamil Organisation (TRO) raise serious questions about both the aid and security policies of the Clark Government. The TRO has for some time been widely regarded as a funding front for the Tamil Tigers, outlawed as a terrorist entity in most like-minded jurisdictions, but not in New Zealand. The TRO, too, has increasingly been targeted by authorities, and its operations suspended in several countries. So why is New Zealand so far out of step? …

NZAid paid over a cheque for $121,500 in tsunami relief funding to the Tamil Organisation (TRO) back in 2005. But even then NZAid should have been on notice that the TRO was regarded as a fund-raising front for the Tamil Tigers terrorist activities.

In 2005, the British Charities Commission removed the TRO’s charitable status because it had “not been able to account satisfactorily for the application of funds.” On 1 October 2006, the Swiss Police arrested the TRO Secretary at the border carrying 18 million Euros in cash, destined for the Tamil Tigers.

It’s nice we can do something for the Tamil Tigers. The spirit of giving.

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