Is Rodney gay?

The NZ Herald reports on how Winston spent much of yesterday attacking Hide, and insinuating Rodney may be gay. Let us have a look at Hansard:

Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS: That is a very good question. I think it is important to stick to honesty and transparency in the Pacific, so we should point out that thousands and thousands of dollars—millions, in fact—are owed to creditors who are not being paid for a golf course development near Queenstown that Mr Hide promoted. Mr Hide turned the first sod. How appropriate was that?

Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS: Because the member decided to descend to that level, I will tell the House what is not being honest and transparent—anywhere in the world, in fact. At a recent parliamentary function, an MP pretended that a woman friend was his new girlfriend, introduced her to the press gallery as such, and also introduced that same person in a Koru lounge as such, when he knew, demonstrably and palpably, that that information was not correct.

Now the Herald reports Rodney’s response:

He said he was not affected by the attack, though Mr Peters was suggesting “I’m guilty of financial impropriety, bizarre sexual practice and various other misdemeanours” and insinuating he was gay.

“Quite how me being gay gets him off the hook I don’t know”. Asked if he was gay, Mr Hide replied: “Not yet.”

Now doesn’t actually do a categorical denial, so one has to ask if Winston actually correct and is Rodney gay? Let us look at the evidence in favour:

  1. Took part in a dancing competition.
  2. Loses a lot of weight
  3. Takes up swimming (and many swimmers shave their legs)
  4. Has a crush on
  5. Splits up with his wife
  6. Goes around with attractive young blond female, allowing people to mistakenly conclude they are sleeping together ( decoy)
  7. Was played by Michael Hurst in the movie about David Henderson’ battle with the IRD. And Hurst had previously played Iolaus in the Hercules TV series – Hercules’ gay lover.
  8. Flirted with supporting Labour a few months ago
  9. Talks about his rebirth as a gentler, kinder
  10. That yellow jacket!

So that evidence is pretty overwhelming I have to say. The yellow jacket was of course the final proof.

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