Non-displaced NBR column

Unlike TVNZ who have displaced Agenda for replays of the Olympics, my column for NBR has emerged unscathed. The short version is:

  • Best Play of the Week – United Future for their shared parenting family law policy – B
  • Worst Play of the Week – The Progressives for their $200 power rebate proposal from the alleged billion dollar profits of the power companies – D
  • Scandal of the Week – DOC’s rebranding – only a C- scandal
  • EFA Breach of the Week – an E to the Electoral Commission for their logic in the EPMU case which had an initial court hearing this week
  • Blog Analysis of the Week – Bernard Hickey on why the credit crunch is not yet over – B+

Feedback and comments can be made over at NBR. Hopefully something more intelligent than the chap who has called me a facist (sic) every week.