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The Winston question was a fizzer – his so called dirt on National was all old stuff.

The questions on borrowing for has been wonderful. Someone in National Research deserves a keg of for digging up quotes from in 1994 and 1999 advocating increased borrowing.

The 1994 quote was priceless as as a % of was 56% then, and Clark explicitly said there should be more money on and not to worry about the debt.

also revealed that the first thing Clark did when she became PM was lift the Govt’s target for as a % of from 25% to 30%. Hilarious.

National will get beaten up later on for Bill’s tape recorded comments, but those quotes were priceless, and the look on her face as read them out – superb.

Anyone who has a copy of the actual full quotes should feel free to e-mail them to me!

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