A third policy released by Trevor

This is getting rather untidy for . Trevor Mallard has released a third policy on behalf of National. Luckily for National all three – Environment, Conservation and Research Science & Technology have been pretty low key, but it is not at all a good look.

While one can’t know for sure, how Trevor got hold of the policies, his fanciful suggestions of an anti-Key faction in Caucus leaking to him are more a wet dream, than reality. And even if there was such a faction, they would never ever leak to Trevor – they would leak to journalists. Almost every National MP (and staffer) would rather cut off their left testicle/breast than leak to Trevor.

It is likely that all the policies were together and either left somewhere or maybe accidentally e-mail to a wrong recipient. This happens more often than you might think. It could be that some third party got hold of them accidentally and is feeding them to Mallard.

There is the possibility it is somone acting maliciously – for example someone with system administrative privileges to Parliamentary Service servers. I’m not saying it is, just that is one of a number of possibilities.

But regardless a nuisance and distraction National could do without.

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