At Back Benches last night

Further to the the two stories yesterday from lifetime voters who will not vote Labour this time due to Labour’s condoning of Peters’, I had an interesting encounter at the Backbencher last night, after .

A gentleman came over to me and asked if I was David Farrar. He was in his 50s I would say. When I responded that I was he said he wanted to tell me something but put it in context.

He told me how he hates the National Party and would never vote for them. In fact his exact words were “I would rather take out a knife, cut off my cock and stuff it down my throat than vote for National”. He also went on to say he does not agree with any of my political views, which he finds repugnant. In fact he joked (I hope he was joking) that if I was crossing a road and he was in a car, he would speed up.

After having got that out of the way, he then went on to say how disgusted he is with Labour over Winston Peters (and ironically Winston was in the room as he had turned up to watch Back Benches), that their tolerance and implicit condoning of his activities verges on corruption, and how they need to be thrown out of office for a couple of terms.

Voting to defend Winston was a step too far even for Jim Anderton. And it seems for a growing number of lifeling Labour voters.

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