Bipartisan behaviour

As both US presidential candidates try to position themselves as an agent of change in Washington, the Washington Times looks at the legislative records of McCain and Obama to see who has been the best at working across the aisle with Senators from the other party:

Mr. McCain has been more likely to team up with Democrats than with members of his own party. Democrats made up 55 percent of his political partners over the last two Congresses, including on the tough issues of campaign finance and global warming. For Mr. Obama, Republicans were only 13 percent of his co-sponsors during his time in the Senate, and he had his biggest bipartisan successes on noncontroversial measures, such as issuing a postage stamp in honor of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

So McCain has been able to team up with Democrats consistently and on bis issues such as campaign finance and globalwarming. Obama’s record is almost never working with Republicans except on non controversial issues such as postage stamps.

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