Lipstick on a pig

has been under fire for referring to the McCain/Palin ticket with the quote “You can put lipstick on a paig, but it is still a pig”.

As one can imagine, there has been a firestorm, and the Washington Post has a good analysis of it.

Now the saying is a very old saying, and many politicians have used it – including McCain. Obama has used it previously also.

But it should have been predictable to the Obama team, that you can’t use it in reference to McCain/Palin, as exactly what has happened would occur. It was at best a stupidity on their part.

The problem for Obama is that there has already been a stampede of white woman from supporting him to supporting McCain, and this won’t help win them back.

The next fortnight will be interesting. Palin is giving ABC News two days of access to her, where they can interview her on any topic at all. How she comes out at the end of that, will help set the public perception of her.

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