Bob Jones on everyone

Bob Jones is as interesting as always:

Helen hinted at a fear- mongering campaign about secret National agendas to sell off state assets. It won’t work against Key as his open countenance screams believability. He’s one of those rare individuals who’s a natural smiler and, as a result, to whom people warm.

A natural smiler – a nice phrase and true.

The are an enigma. They could inherit disenchanted Labour votes but that depends on their new co-leader’s ability to dispel their basket-weaving, folk-dancing, hand-wringing imagery. Now everyone’s green they may be deemed irrelevant.


Dunne is the town bike of politics. He’s available to anyone who will have him but the ravages of a quarter-century’s political promiscuity have induced an electoral impotence and the time can’t be far off when voters put him out to pasture.

Ouch. The town bike of politics. Bob did stand against Peter in 1984.

Winston’s shenanigans aside, thanks to the evil inhibiting public participation, this election augurs poorly on the entertainment front. Thank goodness we have a fascinating US presidential race to keep us amused.

Yep. Much more interesting.

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