Campbell Live on billboards

Campbell Live had a very amusing segment on election billboards (and incidentially in the main TV3 news bulletin they twice showed the online billboard showing Helen and Winston holding hands together). Well worth viewing.

’s comments in summary were:

  • National billboard disguised as an Air NZ ad, or spend your tax cuts on air travel
  • Labour billboard modelled on North Koran campaign with President Helen, the great leader herself. Joked they removed “or else” after the words “Party Vote Labour”
  • Greens have best billboard so far by a mile

’s comments in summary were:

  • Nat billboard was written by an undertaker – wave goodbye to higher taxes, not your loved ones!
  • Hutch suggested better billboard would have been “Hi Tax, Hi Oz” and the health one should be “Beds not Bosses” or “Beds not Bureaucrats”
  • Campbell said Labour’s do not seem to be as airbrushed as normal, and Hutcheson says it is stupid that they take the public for fools by putting up an image that doesn’t look anything like the Helen Clark people see every day. Why would you say the campaign is about trust, and then have billboards which don’t look like you.
  • Also loved the Greens billboards – very professional

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