Craccum interviews some candidates

did some fun interviews with a few candidates this week. Some of the questions they asked are worth repeating here.

Wellington is burning down and you can take only one other MP with you, who would you take and why?

  • (Lab) – Rodney Hide because he’s so full of piss, we could use him to put the fire out.
  • (Maori) – Tariana Turia or she’d haunt me if I left her there.

If you can define your life in terms of isms, what would it be?

  • Aaron Galey-Young (UFNZ) – Antidisestablishmentarianism
  • Pita Sharples – Dreamism
  • (RAM) – Social democratic left pragmatic nationalism
  • (Nat) – Environmentalism, capitalism, compassionism, sportism, wineism

What would be your ultimate campaign song and why?

  • Pita Sharples – ‘What’s the matter you ah shut appa your face’.
  • Oliver Woods – ‘Crush ‘em’ by Megadeth

Greatest New Zealander, Garth George or Owen Glenn?

  • Pete Hodgson – Tim Shadbolt
  • Pita Sharples – Kupe
  • Oliver Woods – The Mad Butcher
  • Nikki Kaye – There are many great kiwis but if I had to choose between the two I would pick Owen Glenn because of his suggestion to hold international volley ball competitions if he became consul to Monaco – that’s gutsy.

If you were Jim Anderton, what would you ban and why?

  • Pete Hodgson – Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
  • (ACT) – I’d ban toxic politics but then Jim Anderton would be left speechless.
  • -Young: Boy racers in public streets.
  • Pita Sharples – I would ban Jim Anderton.
  • Oliver Woods – Elderly, useless, conservative politicians.
  • Nikki Kaye – If I was Jim Anderton I would need a completely new wardrobe and I would ban myself from wearing short skirts.

A pdf of the Craccum article is here – backpage.

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