Jones on Peters

The Dom Post has a column on Winston Peters from Bob Jones. Go read it yourself but I do have to quote the last two paragraphs:

This has been no Icarus fall, instead there’s a whiff of about Winston’s descent. There were the baubles of office betrayal, the theft and refusal to return taxpayers money and the swirling rumours around the scampi matter.

Jones is on the mark here. He does not mean that Peters is a kiddy fiddler. Just that politicians who go on and on the most about an issue (society’s morals or secret business donations) are often practising what they condemn.

Is it possible that somewhere in darkest Africa, an ancient toothless crone muttering gibberish in the corner of her hut might believe Winston’s story over the $100,000 Glenn payment? If so then she will be alone in the world.

Sadly Sir Robert is not quite accurate here. Two people in the world say they believe Winston. One if the ancient toothless crone in a hut in darkest Africa. The other is the Prime Minister of New Zealand who keeps feeding him his baubles.

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