The second Glenn letter

Stuff has a copy of the second Glenn letter as a pdf. Helen is busy working on a defence for Winston for it.

Some key extracts:

I gave the authority for the payment instructions to be made on 20 December 2005 to Mr BP Henry’s account. Mr Henry supplied the ASB bank account details in an email from him addressed to me on Wednesday 14 December 2005. That email from Mr Henry refers to an earlier telephone conversation between me and a person Mr Henry refers to as “my client” that same day.

Watch Henry and Peters claim it was some otehr client, whom they can’t name.

My recollection is that I was called by Mr Peters to seek financial assistance for his electoral petition challenge. I agreed to that request because I understood that it would be of assistance to the Labour party, which had the confidence and supply agreement with New Zealand First at the time we spoke. I do not recall that I had any conversation with Mr Henry about my donation. There is absolutely no doubt that the request came to me from Mr Peters, I would not have made the donation on any other basis through any intermediary. I did not do so.

Can’t get more firm than that.

I was not at the Karaka sales in early 2007, I was at the sales in early 2006. I believe that the statement I made to you in my letter of 19 August is factually accurate.

So it is Peters, not Glenn, wrong on the details.

Unless is a pathological liar, Winston Peters has lied repeatedly to the public, the media, and well everyone. There is no “innocent explanation” as Clark desperately suggests.

This also raises some questions regarding Mr Henry’s conduct. I won’t say more than that at this stage.

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