The United Future List

Idiot/Savant has the full United Future list, along with how it has changed from last time. The top ten are:

  1. Peter Dunne
  2. Judy Turner
  3. Selio Solomon
  4. Murray Smith
  5. Neville Wilson
  6. Frank Owen
  7. Janet Tuck
  8. Karuna Muthu

I don’t know Selio Solomon, but can comment on Denise Krum and Graeme Reeves. Denise is UFNZ Party President and seems quite an able sort. She did quite well appearing for UFNZ for the broadcasting allocations.

Graeme Reeves was National MP for Miramar from 1990 to 1993. He was a good MP then, and would be again today. Plus I always have a soft spot for Graeme as he took the lead in Caucus in the early 1990s in expelling a certain W Peters from the Caucus.

So if the election saw get up to four MPs, I’d have no problem with that – so long as they don’t take votes from the centre-right only.

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