Will Helen commit to a fulll term?

Bill Ralston blogs on an exchange on radio with Helen:

On Friday on my Radio Live Drive show I asked her, if she did win an historic fourth term, would she serve the entire term of three years as Prime Minister?

There was a lot of waffling from Helen about her being physically fit and not thinking about retiring.

I pressed the PM, saying “not contemplating or thinking about retiring” was not the same as assuring voters she would stay the course in any fourth term.

She did not give a categorical answer.

Now despite the current polls, it is possible that Helen will be able to put together a Labour/Anderton/Winston/Greens/Maori Party coalition and remain Prime Minister.

But would she stay for a full term, if she won? Or would she hand over to David Cunliffe halfway through? Should the public know they may be voting for Prime Minister Cunliffe as well as Prime Minister Clark, if they vote Labour?

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