World of Wearable Arts

Went to World of Wearable Arts last night with Accident Girl. I’ve been every year for four years now, and it really does get better every year.

This is not just some fashion show. It is a spectacular mixture of dance, music, acrobatics, models, art and fashion. I doubt there are any tickets left, but it really is a must see.

This year we managed to get tickets for the awards night. Managed to guess most of the winners correctly, including the supreme winner above (photo from Dom Post). Was nice to see the designers come up and get their prizes. Helen Clark presented one of the awards and spoke briefly. She is very comfortable at these things and did speak well, with some real passion. I was tempted to try and start a chant of “Sack Winston” in the TSB Events Arenda, but managed to resist the urge. I do wonder how many I may have got to join in though πŸ™‚

NZPA Images has a great photo gallery of some of the art works.

This was a crowd favourite. The shadow is in fact another person, but at times you wouldn’t have known.

A walking public health campaign!

This design was also very popular. What I spent some time puzzling over is whether the model inside was crouched over. I suspect they must have been.

The Bizarre Bra section is always colourful!