Blog reveals Key prostitution scandal

A blog that has absolutely no conection to the Labour Party has revealed ’s role in the industry and how he plans to become NZ’s biggest pimp. Their story (now deleted) is:

This week Slippery John Key announced that if he deludes enough people into voting for him, he will appoint himself Minister of Tourism.

This appears on the surface to be innocent, but documents obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald quote Prince Philip (married to NZ’s Head of State) as saying:

“tourism is just national prostitution”

This means that Slippery John wants to become Slippery Minister of Tourism so that he can control New Zealand’s prostitution industry. Slippery John (have we mentioned how slippery he is) wants to be New Zealand’s biggest pimp.

This blog would like to reassure readers that if this story doesn’t hold up, it is not being handled by the Prime Minister at all.

That John Key – both NZ’s biggest ever fraud mastermind and NZ’s biggest pimp. When does he get the time to sleep?

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