Was on TVNZ’s Breakfast this morning chatting about social networking in the election campaign.  Went okay but said one stupid thing – that Obama had raised more money on the Internet than NZ’s GDP. The moment I said it I realised I was out by a couple of orders of magnitude.

Recieved a phone call while walking home afterwards from a retired lady wanting to know if I was related to a Captain Roger Farrar, who had helped her during WWII. I explained that my immediate family are not related to any other Farrars as our name was anglicised from Feuer after leaving Austria.

She them exclaimed “Oh you must be Jewish, I thought you were from Television”. I laughed that the nose must give it away. It seems the other Farrar she knew many years ago was also Jewish – Scottish Jews. Of course I’m not actually Jewish as the Jewish ancestry comes from my father’s side and it only counts if it is on the mother’s side.

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