Dim-Post on National’s tax package

The Dim-Post announces ’s real tax policies:

  1. $50 per week tax cut for every worker in New Zealand – will be accompanied by $50 per week ‘negative salary rebate’ for all workers, adding to a total transfer of wealth of over $5000 per year!
  2. ‘KiwiSlaver’, a new employers rights package aimed to stimulate the economy by protecting business owners from nuisance law-suits over trivial charges such as kidnapping and aggrivated assault.
  3. Flat tax of 18% to the really hot little red-head who participated in Crosby/Textor market research focus group #5.
  4. 5% GST rebate on Playstation 3 consoles; cost to be offset by privitisation of Stewart Island, population of which become legal property of Dow Industrial Chemicals.
  5. Free small soda at the movies for all working mothers on middle incomes aged between 25 and 45 living in the Otaki and Hamilton West electorates.
  6. Low income earners will be allowed to look behind the couch cushions of John Key’s sofa and keep whatever they find.

Heh I like No 1 and No 3 especially.

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