I’d cry too

It is not surprising a juror cried as the final days of were detailed in court – maybe the surprise is that all the jurors did not cry.  Even reading about it in the newspaper is gut churning enough. It is bad enough when any child dies due to abuse or neglect – but this case seems even worse as the abuse was deliberate and for entertainment it seems. The sad details include:

  • Forcibly placed Nia on a clothesline and spun her around until she fell off, twice repeating the action while standing around laughing
  • Put her in a tumble dryer and turned it on, standing by laughing.
  • Forced Nia to take cold baths and then dressed her in soiled clothes
  • Kicking her in the head, causing bleeding between her brain and skull.
  • Leaving her unconscious, having fits and frothing at the mouth for 36 hours before her family sought medical help

I just don’t know how people can do such , let alone how others can observe this happening and do or say nothing. The instinct to protect kids is well instinctive in most of us. I guess the sad answer is that those who perform such evil deeds, were probably abused themselves growing up. And that in no way excuses what they did – but it reinforces how vital it is we make a greater effort to break the cycle of abuse.

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