In Auckland we interviewed three National MPs. First was Judith Collins MP for Clevedon and candidate for Papakura.

Judith became MP for Clevedon after defeating the incumbent MP, Warren Kyd, for the nomination in 2002. She then went on to win the general election by 3,127 over Dave Hereora. In 2005 Judith scored a massive majority of 12,871 in Clevedon. However a big change in boundaries sees her paper majority cut to an estimated 6,820 in the new seat of Papakura. So still far from marginal and Judith is expected to be a front bench Minister if National wins.

Judith says law and order is the biggest issue in her area. Says people just want the crims locked away.Favours looking at a law change to protect shop keepers defending their stores. For the US election, Judith is a strong supporter of John McCain – partly a reflection of her work in NZ with Vietnam Veterans. Says McCain is a man of incredible courage, decency and tenacity. However predicts Obama will win.

Finally she predicts Goff will get there first, but not last long. Personally hopes Cunliffe gets it, and all National MPs are hoping it is Cunliffe!

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