Woolerton shamed by Glenn saga

NZ First MP has revealed that he felt shamed by the Owen Glenn saga and that he thought the did its job:

The donation scandal, which almost capsized Winston Peters, deeply embarrassed his NZ First colleague, Hamilton MP Doug Woolerton.

List MP Mr Woolerton made the revelation during last night’s Waikato Times candidates’ debate for Hamilton East.

He was responding to a question from the floor on the subject and dropped characteristic good humour to answer openly and honestly.

“I was hugely embarrassed. That was unfortunate but the parliamentary committee did its job,” he said.

Doug will be gald NZ First has already had their list ranking!

It is good to see some signs of intelligent life in NZ First – I mean no-one (not even Helen) really could have heard all the evidence and think there was anyway Winston was telling the truth about not knowing.

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