Does Wellington want technology or not?

Very disturbed to read in the Dom Post:

Public anger over a proliferation of and broadband cabinets has prompted Wellington City Council to look at tightening controls on communication companies.

Council planners have received applications covering more than 170 sites from telecommunication companies this year.

They include more than 100 roadside cabinets, each the size of a large fridge, to be installed in Wellington as part of Telecom’s “cabinetisation” programme for faster broadband.

Also included are 70 applications from NZ Communications, which is establishing a national mobile network.

Complaints from residents and business owners over the proliferation of towers and cabinets prompted Mayor Kerry Prendergast to seek a review of the council’s district plan rules.

The rules allow almost all telecommunication installations on council-owned reserve land, and on land next to roads, to proceed unhindered.

Did any of those people complaining have a cellphone or use the Internet? If so, their complaints should be ignored as hypocritical.

Any Councillor that votes to change the rules should also surrender their cellphone and Internet connection.

We have national guidelines on safety for such installations. It would be madness to have every single cabinet and tower go through its own resource consent process, even if they comply with existing rules.

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