Lindsay Tisch to be nominated Deputy Speaker

This really annoys me. Not that is to be nominated , but that I only found about it by listening to the audio/video (thanks Scoop) of ’s press conference.

It wasn’t in the official release, but John Key announced it early on at his press conference. Now there were 30 or so journalists in the room, so why didn’t a single one of them actually report it? Hell why attend the press conference, if all you are going to do is write stories based on the press releases, and overlook any new material from the actual press conference.

Anyway it looks like Lockwood for Speaker and Lindsay Tisch for Deputy. There are two Assistant Speakers, with one traditionally being from the Opposition – presumably . I’d guess may be the other .

It hasn’t been a tradition, but it would be nice if the Deputy Speaker (rather than the Assistant) was from the Opposition. did very well as Deputy Speaker.

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