New pay scales for MPs

The today announced the new pay scales for MPs. These of course are as popular as pork chops as a synagogue.

I’ve said for years on end that Parliament should amend the Remuneration Authority Act so that MPs only get pay adjusted once every three years – just before an election. In other words the pay is set for each term of Parliament, and you get elected to a role knowing what it will be. With relatively low inflation, there is no need for annual increases. Instead of getting flak every year for a 5% rise, just have a triennial 15% (or so) increase that will only apply to the next Parliament.

Anyway what are the changes:

  • PM from $375,000 to $393,000 (4.8%)
  • Deputy PM from 264,500 to $276,700 (4.6%)
  • Cabinet Ministers (plus Opp Leader) from $233,000 to $243,700 (4.6%)
  • Other Ministers from $195,700 to $204,300 (4.4%)
  • Backbench MPs from $126,000 to $131,000 (4.0%)

The full determination is not online, which is really annoying.

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