Parliamentary Demographics

Some interesting demographics looking at the 122 provisional MPs:

  1. 18 Maori MPs, 14.8% of Parliament
  2. 5 Pacific MPs, 4.1% of Parliament
  3. 6 Asian MPs, 4.9% of Parliament
  4. 41 female MPs, 33.6% of Parliament

The number of Maori MPs is down slightly as NZ First had three Maori MPs. The number of female MPs is up three to an all time record of 41.

What is interesting is the demographics per party.

For the first time ever National has as many Maori MPs as Labour – six each. Plus there are five Maori Party MPs and Turei in the Greens.

But in another first, National has more female MPs than Labour – 17 to 16. Now National has a bigger Caucus, and as percentages it is 29% to 37%, but it is still a historic first to have more in absolute numbers.

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