The 1st Dispatch from St Johnnysberg

Over at NBR I have blogged my first .

I’ve shared many of the prizes:

  • Best Play of the Week – Helen Clark gets an A for her re-ordering of the Labour Party, and John Key gets an A for his coalition strategy
  • Worst Play of the Week – Mike Williams and Rodney Hide both get Ds.Mike Williams for still defending his dirt digging trip to Melbourne. Rodney gets it, despite what has been an overall good week, for his interview on Sunday when he kept labelling John Key as more leftwing than Helen Clark – in front of the PM Designate. It made people wonder how stable a Government would be, and also looked boorish. To be fair to Rodney it was a once off.
  • EFA Breach of the Week – being discontinued due to Phil Goff’s mea culpa
  • Scandal of the Week – an A- for the Shane Jones/Yang Liu scandal and a C to the Kanwaljit Bakshi which emerged the week before the election. I call on John Key to set up proper inquiries into both of them.

Comments and feedback can be left over at NBR.

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