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Curiablog has details of the two TV polls tonight. I epxect we will get tomorrow a Herald, Fairfax and Morgan poll also. The curiablog average has been updated for tonight’s polls but I will do a final update tomorrow morning.

Both polls show that National/ACT/United Future can form a Government, but that it is possible the Maori Party can hold the balance of power. The Greens are up strongly and in TV3 Labour dropped away a lot.

Chris Trotter on Alt TV this week said that on current polling a Labour/Green/Maori Party Government would be the most left-wing Government New Zealand has had for at least 70 years.

And he is correct. With the Greens at 10% they would not be a minor coalition partner but would pull the Government greatly towards the left and away from economic growth (which they don’t even like much). Of a Cabinet of 20, the Greens could expect five or six places, or in other words every current Green MP would become a Minister – including Keith Locke, Sue Kedgley, and Sue Bradford.

So it a clear choice for voters as we head into the election. As we face unprecedented economic challenges, it is a choice of a National-led Government that makes up 95% of the Government, or what Chris Trotter calls the most left-wing Government in 70 years.

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