Wellington Blogosphere Drinks

Danyl from Dim-Post has reminded me it has been a long long time since there have been blogger in . And he is right – it has been well over a year.

Anyway the post-election period is a great time to enjoy some drinks, and put politics to one side, so am proposing drinks on Wednesday 21 26 November.

What we thought would be good was to start at 5.30 pm at the Back Bencher. Easy for people to come to straight after work. And the hard core can stay on for Back Benches at 9 pm if they are keen.

These are open to all – bloggers of all sorts – right, left, non-partisan; commenters; and lurkers/readers. Just a chance to unwind, reflect on the year, and of course talk about those who don’t turn up 🙂

Would be useful if people let me know if they are likely to attend, so I can book a table or two.

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