Cactus Kate’s Blogger of the Year

Cactus Kate announces her blogger of the year:

In my years of blogging, in fact in all my years being involved in politics I have never met anyone who cares so little about what those on his side or against him thinks of what he writes. A man so passionate that he is right that he will argue an entire day on a blog with every nutcase placed in front of him. …

A man who devotes his entire energy into blogging, has his own business cards for his blog and in my entire time knowing him, regardless of where he is going to meet you, will wear only his own merchandise. [He] is a true beast of conflict. Sometimes with the loudest and boorish of potty-mouths yet in a milli-second can say or write something so poetic, meaningful and intelligent that you can only burst out laughing wondering just who the fuck this guy is.

A man who when told to stop by his own people, calmly tells them to combine speed, sex and travel.

If you can’t work out who she is referring to, you must be new here 🙂