January murders

Steve Pierson at The Standard is happy and celebrating because he was worried that either myself or Whale Oil would post how since the change of Government there were no murders in January, and contrast this with the last two Januarys.

I have to say I have better things to do than monitor the homicide rate on a daily basis, let alone claim it somehow magically changes with an election (I think overall offending rates can change with a change in policies, in society, in the economy etc, but not merely an election).

Incidentally the homicide rate only really got politicised after Annette King’s brain fart when she blamed it on the sun and the moon. That was worth mocking.

But what really amuses me is how worried Steve was by the thought that such a link would be made, because January homicides were so low. Was he listening to the TV news every night thinking “Oh no, zero murders so far in 2009. This is awful. DPF and Whale may do a post about the lack of murders since the election.”

Well just as Steve congratulated me for not doing a post on the lack of murders and trying to claim it was linked to the election, I’d like to congratulate Steve for resisting the urge to personally intervene to increase the homicide rate, just to prevent us from being able to post on how low it has been  🙂

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