Mt Vic Bus Tunnel

Quite a bit of focus on the Mt Vic bus tunnel after a car that should not have been in there hit a pedestrian who also should not have been in there.

I must confess to having both walked and driven through it in my young and foolish days. It was almost a rite of passage. And because the tunnel has basically no lights, you flick your lights off for a split second to make the girls scream – oh the joys of being 20ish!

The bus drivers understandably get very peeved off with cars in their tunnel, and if they see a car going through it, they don’t wait for you to come out. They head on in and you then have to reverse out damn quickly.

Anyway enough about my former misdeeds. What I want to canvass is should the bus tunnel be officially changed to a tunnel for all vehicles?

Could it be used to take pressure off the main Mt Vic tunnel by swapping directions at peak traffic times. In the mornings it would only be used for traffic into the city and in the afternoons for traffic from the city?

May not be practical, but cheaper than expanding the current public tunnel.

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