Police not to prosecute Anderton

NBR reports that the are not prosecuting for breaches of the , despite a referral from the Electoral Commision. Naturally Jim has concluded that this means the were wrong:

Progressive leader Jim Anderton has criticised the Electoral Commission for referring a complaint that he breached the Electoral Finance Act (EFA) to the police.

Mr Anderton said today that the police had written to him advising that there had been no breach of the EFA. …

Mr Anderton said the complaint was frivolous and a waste of police time.

He accused the commission of taking a cavalier attitude.

“The decision to refer these complaints just before the election, when even the most cursory examination should have shown no offence had been committed, showed poor judgement,” Mr Anderton said.

Actually the Electoral Commission set out a very detailed case as to why they beleived Anderton had breached the Act – he was using taxpayer resources to send out unauthorised material with the Progressives campaign slogan on it.

The fact the Police are not prosecuting is of no surprise. The history of the Police with electoral law enforcement is rather woeful.

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