Basic errors on One News

Some incredibly basic facts wrong with the One News story on the trial periods law. The presenter said:

It means bosses can sack employees after a 90 day probation period

Three massive errors in just one sentence.

  1. It is during, not after the 90 day probation period. There is a massive difference.
  2. No mention at all that it only refers to businesses with under 50 20 staff, which excludes off memory around 40% of workers
  3. Also no mention that it is not in any way automatic. The law merely provides that an employer can seek to have such a clause in an employment contract. Many employers will not.

The combination of those three errors is grossly misleading.

Then even worse they have a long-term beneficiary (he has mild autism) saying he is desperate for a job, and that somehow this will make it more difficult for him. In fact it is the opposite – it means an employer can give him a chance (despite his autism) without risking a costly personal grievance if it does not work out.

Then One News goes on to call it the “hire and fire” law, a term used only be opponents of the law.

A pretty disgraceful piece of journalism. The opening sentence alone would almost be worth a BSA complaint. The other stuff is of course debatable, but the openeing sentence was flat out incorrect.

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