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  1. No Right Turn labels the TV3 story on extra staff for larger electorates a “total beat-up” and says “While some might quibble at them spending – gasp! – $400,000 a year on it, people in large rural seats have an equal right to participate in our democracy, and it is money well spent. Unfortunately, it seems TV3 would rather engage in shallow hatemongering against politicians rather than recognise this.”
  2. Whale Oil quotes from Matthew Hooton’s NBR column on Labour. He points out the left are polling lower currently than the centre-right achieved in the disastrous 2002 election.
  3. Gonzo blogs on how the Obama administration is refusing to release documents about the secretive Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a super-maximal copyright treaty, as disclosing the details of this secret copyright law would endanger “national security.”
  4. MacDoctor blogs some facts on ACC.
  5. Adam Smith asks if Jim Anderton is our own Denny Crane after a bizarre press release from him?
  6. Keith Ng fisks the Herald over school violence
  7. Whale Oil examines Kordia’s books and discovers it paid almost $25m goodwill for Orcon, despite Orcon losing money.
  8. Bernard Hickey cautions about the Government investing $500 million in trains for Auckland, and plugs for buses.

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