Blog Bits

  1. Denis Welch thinks the next Labour Prime Minister is not yet in Parliament, and that based on the Q&A interview it will be Andrew Little
  2. Fairfacts Media is now on his own blog.
  3. Adam Smith looks at the $70 million planned revamp for the National Library and whether it is well directed.
  4. Rob Hosking covers issues over ACC.
  5. The Dim-Post covers John Key’s plans to privatise Treasury so advice is contestable and that Sensing Murder psychics have expressed interest in doing the budget forecasting services
  6. Bernard Hickey disagrees with Westpac that house prices now represent fair value and that they need to drop 30% from their November 2007 peak
  7. Whale Oil is scared of a teeny weeny spider in his home.
  8. David Cohen looks at the claim that the death of newspapers is due to managerial incompetence.
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