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  1. Paul Walker looks at whether the Commerce Commission is needed or not.
  2. Whale Oil covers the story of “Canadian journalist Beverly Giesbrecht, who converted to Islam following 9/11 and launched the website Jihad Unspun seven years ago, faces beheading after being kidnapped by jihadists in Pakistan”. Maybe this will make people realise the nature of the extremists.
  3. Blaise Drinkwater quotes Antonin Scalia on the US Bill of Rights: “The rights were selected not because of their importance—some of them are very important, some aren’t—, but they were selected on the basis of, “what rights would a tyrant want to move against?”
  4. Andrew Bolt covers the retraction and apology over the fake photos of her that News Corp papers published. As a co-publisher I apologise also (but doubt I am on the radar) but note that of course I was stupidly assuming the Sunday Telegraph had actually verified the photos.
  5. The BayBuzz interviews Rodney Hide.
  6. UK Labour are introducing a hike in the top tax rate to 45%. The Conservatives are not committed to repealing it, and Iain Dale comes out backing Boris Johnson who has called for it to go.

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