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  1. Liberty Scott reminds us of the truth about how the former Government stuffed up Air NZ.
  2. The Tailor of Panama Street discusses Australia’s bid for the UN Security Council and NZ’s bid for the UN Human Rights Council. I sincerely hope NZ fails to get elected – that would be a lesser embarrassment than actually being onto the Human Rights Council, which is behaving just as badly as its discredited predecessor.
  3. The Dim-Post lashes both the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union speech, and also Labour’s response to the issue of contributions to the NZ Super Fund.
  4. Whale Oil examines Kordia’s new radio service, and labels it the equivalent of CDMA in a GSM world.
  5. No Right Turn blogs his submission on the Domestic Violence (Enhancing Safety) Bill. A pretty useful submission.
  6. Bryce Edwards has an in depth look at likely new Greens co-leader Metira Turei.
  7. Bill Ralston blogs that Labour may be heading for an iceberg in Mt Albert.
  8. Bernard Hickey blogs a speech he wants John Key to deliver.

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