Calling for an intervention

The NZ Herald reports:

A woman who was seven months pregnant when caught drink-driving for the eighth time went straight to the pub after a court appearance yesterday.

Call me judgemental but I think should be grabbing the baby when he or she is born.

Her breath-alcohol level was measured at 994mcg per litre of breath – 594mcg over the legal limit.

Not sure what is more likely to do damage – the high levels of alcohol while pregnant, or the probability of a crash because you are driving while pissed.

It was her eighth drink-driving conviction and her 15th for driving while disqualified.

And just consider how many times she has actually driven drunk and/or disqualified. Several hundred probably.

Brown had denied the two charges but changed her pleas to guilty in January. She was remanded on bail only because she is the sole caregiver of her two children and is looking after her partner’s children while he is in jail, Rotorua’s Daily Post reported.

I have doubts they are particularly safe either.

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