A new front runner for Mt Albert?

I would tend to agree that David Shearer would now be the front runner for the nomination. David has a massive amount of respect for his aid work over the last two decades. And not as an administrator, but actually out there on the front lines making a huge difference to the life of many people.

Unless my memory fails me, David worked for the NZ Red Cross, when I was a head office staffer. Overseas relief workers, doctors and nurses like David would often give a talk and presentation to the staff when they returned, and it was a privilege to be able to hear furst hand about what they did. These missions were often dangerous, and can do so much good. Two or three people can supply to tens of thousands of people made homeless etc.

Having said that, David has been out of the country, and delegates may prefer someone who has been active in the electorate. But unlike National where the decision is made by 60 local delegates, Labour’s decision is made by a panel of just six people and seven votes with Head Office having three fo those votes. So if Goff has head office support for Shearer, it would be very very hard for anyone to beat him.

If he wins the nomination, I think he would be a hard person to beat in the actual election. His record of achievement and service would be very attractive to voters.

Other are:

  • Simon Mitchell, leftie lawyer – purchased paintergate painting so it could be destroyed
  • Chris Tremewan, Auckland Uni academic
  • Meg Bates, politics tutor, former electorate agent to Clark
  • Glenda Fryer, City Councillor
  • Stuart Prosser – no info on him – can anyone help?
  • Farida Sultana – 2008 list candidate, a “ Muslim”, very active in ethnic communities
  • Rhema Vaithianathan, economic lecturer
  • Helen White – ex EPMU lawyer (shares chambers with Mitchell)

UPDATE: Oh forgot to mention that the best thing about Twyford’s withdrawal is that on iPredict I made $503.26 on short selling Twyford stocks 🙂

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