Afghan law

Life for women in Afghanistan is a lot better since the fall of the Taliban. It is not illegal for them to be educated now. But as the NZ Herald reports, there is still a long way to go:

In a copy of the law obtained by Reuters, Article 132 states “a wife is obliged to fulfil the sexual desires of her husband”. It also states that a husband should spend one night in every four with his wife, have sexual contact with her at least once every four months and that a woman has to wear make-up if her husband demands it.

Islamic sharia law is often the exact opposite of classical liberal beliefs. They have detailed laws and rules to govern every aspect of your life.

I did have to laugh though that the husband has to spend every fourth night with his wife, but only has to have sex with her once every four months. So what do you do on the other 29 out of 30 nights you are forced to be together? Play tiddliwinks?

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