Candidate Expenses and Donations

Bryce Edwards has some analysis of the candidate expenses and donations.

  • Total candidate expenditure is $2.26m
  • Total disclosed donations to candidates is $1.26m
  • Average spent for a winning candidate is $12,836
  • In only 38 out of 70 (54%) electorates, did the candidate spending the most money win!!
  • The top five spending candidates all lost – Russell Fairbrother, Paul Adams, Nicky Wagner, Ron Mark and Stephen Franks
  • Only 2 of the top ten winning candidates won their seats, and only seven of the top 20.

Bryce also has calculated the average spending per candidate for each party.

The amount spent by candidates on Internet advertising was interesting for me. The top spenders:

  1. Charles Chauvel $5,551
  2. Jills Angus Burney $2,658
  3. Brendon Burns $2,250
  4. Pita Sharples $,2000
  5. Aaron Gilmore $1,318

What did Charles spend $5,551 on?

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