Blog Bits

  1. Twitter fans in the UK can use TweetMinister to follows Ministers and MPs.
  2. Andrew Geddis blogs on collective responsibility and Pita Sharples. He is from the school of thought that it is a pragmatic practice, not a constitutional convention.
  3. Eric Crampton blogs an excellent example of how a tax credit for alternative fuels led to massive rorts by the paper industry. He concludes: “It’s kinda the point of the price system that nobody has to know all of the alternative uses to which resources can be put. When markets set prices, nobody in Congress has to know that the paper industry uses a byproduct biofuel which readily could be adulterated with taxable fuels to harvest a subsidy. When Congressmen instead set prices, there will always be consequences they hasn’t thought of, no matter how well-intentioned or careful they’ve been.”
  4. MacDoctor shines more light on why ACC is costing us so much.
  5. The Tailor of Panama Street regrets that no media organisation (except NZPA with a subsidy from the Asia NZ Foundtion) went with the PM to Thailand. He notes that when the summit got cancelled due to protests, the only “journalists” available was John Key who did a phone report on what had been happening.  Key makes a good foreign correspondent, but you know best not to get into the practice of having the PM moonight as a reporter.
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