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  1. Trainee journalist Sandra Dickson blogs on why she is not going to become a journalist.
  2. Tumeke celebrate their 4th birthday. Congratulations. They even managed to keep going while the founder was in jail for sedition 🙂
  3. Big News has an economic study of female circumcision done by one of the Labour candidates for Mt Albert. Is actually an interesting study.
  4. Bryce Edwards has a review of the 2008 election for the European Journal of Political Research.
  5. Not PC calls Greg Mankiwi illiterate for advocating a negative interest rate.
  6. A guest post at The Standard calls Perez Hilton illiberal for his attack on Miss California’s response to a question on gay marriage.
  7. Keeping Stock blogs on a Bobbitt
  8. Paul Walker fisks The Standard on Zimbabwe
  9. Adam Smith highlights what Labour’s friends say about being in the trenches with them.
  10. Whale Oil has a poster for “The Haliburton Candidate”
  11. The Standard doesn’t think it is a good idea for Phil Goff to criticise National for cancelling tax cuts, when everyone in Labour thinks they should be cancelled.
  12. No Right Turn lashes Kevin Rudd fo ruling out civil unions in Australia.

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