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  1. Bryce Edwards summarises a study of the television coverage of the 2008 election. It’s disappointing how little focus on policy there was.
  2. Claire Trevett’s unofficial John Key’s Pacific Diary is a great read.
  3. The Dim-Post suggests Phil Goff needs to give a speech repudiating their nanny state legacy. I hope Goff doesn’t take his advice.
  4. Trevor Loudon reveals the new President of the NDU used to be a Young National!
  5. Toad thinks private income protection insurance is the same as being on the dole. He gets savaged in his comments section, and Whale responds here.
  6. Tony Milne ponders opposition politics.
  7. MacDoctor blogs on obesity and how an obese parent makes a child six to ten times more likely to be obese. So regulating school tuck shops is not the answer. An excellent post.

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