First declared candidate for Mt Albert

, who is also the Editor of Salient, has declared his candidacy for . His release:

Crowds numbering into the hundreds assembled in the Victoria University quad today for the declaration of candidacy of Jackson James Wood in the Mt. Albert by-election.

Wood, student journalist and part-time philatelist, energised the crowd with a speech attacking the air of complacency surrounding the by-election.

“Too long have the people of Mt. Albert not been taken seriously by the major parties” Wood said.

“A string of low-profile nobodies have been stood by both Labour and National in Mt. Albert in the last twenty-eight years and it is time for this to change.”

To screams of appreciation and wails of lust, Wood announced the central platform of his candidacy.

“I’ve had enough of Auckland being unofficially run by MP’s whose interests truly lay in Wellington – it is time to make it official.”

In a question and answer session following his speech, Wood acknowledged the unconventional nature of campaigning for an electorate he had never visited.

“While it is true I have never visited Mt. Albert, I do in fact live in Mt. Victoria – and anyone who knows their history will accept that is close enough”.

A by-election wouldn’t be the same without the fringe candidates.

Hopefully though Jackson can get his staff to stop spamming before he starts campaigning.

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