Oysters galore

For the first time ever, a day out with Cactus Kate had the food costing more than the alcohol. This is rare as Cactus only drinks good quality champagne. She is easily my most expensive mate.

We decided to lunch today at Shed 5, and did our little part for helping Southland survive the recession.

As we decided what to order for our mains, oysters were ordered for entrees. Now I am not actually a huge oyster fan normally, but these ones (Bluff of course) were just divine.

So oysters were ordered for the main course also. And again so very nice. It just wasn’t enough. So when the waitress came to take our dessert order, the look on her face was superb as we ordered ice cream and oysters for dessert.

Then after dessert, you can guess what we ordered for coffee – yes more oysters. They really were that good.

Shed 5 started to worry they may run out – they told us they only had 97 dozen, and that is probably now under 90 dozen. My strong advice to anyone who likes oysters is to head to Shed 5 this week before Cactus empties their stock.

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