The Tizard time-bomb

The NZ Herald has upgraded from a dilemma to a time-bomb.

Judith sees her return as a matter of  demographics:

Ms Tizard said Labour would be silly to buy into the “Tizard dilemma” and try and keep her out.

“If there is not a place for a 53-year-old woman who has been in elected positions for 26 of her 31 years, I guess I would want to know what the problem was.”

Well obviously I do not speak for Labour, but my responses would be:

  • It’s nothing to do with your gender or age
  • It is about rejuvenation – Labour got kicked out at the last election, and Labour won’t win next time unless they have some fresh faces

Labour leader Phil Goff said the Tizard dilemma was a “red herring”, but refused to openly back her return.

No shit.

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