Wine sales in supermarkets

The ODT reports:

Labour MP has called for supermarkets to “lose the right” to sell because the practice of making a loss on alcohol products in order to entice people into their stores was behind a “significant number” of alcohol-related issues, she said.

“These people are pouring alcohol into our streets,” she said.

Ms Dalziel said the 1989 decision to allow wine into supermarkets was the “most dangerous, low-reaching, appalling decision that Parliament has ever made”.

Really? Wine is our problem? I’m sorry, but I think beer and spirits play a far far bigger role in alcohol abuse and related violence and crime, than being able to buy a bottle of wine with your groceries.

I buy most of my wine direct from vineyards, but it is nice to sometimes be able to grab a bottle when at the supermarket. And Lianne want to make this illegal?

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